London Based Charity providing DJ & Music Academies across London for children...

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Since the pilot Since the pilot scheme at Crystal Palace FC in 2011 Onelife UK have opened countless more courses within tennents halls, football clubs and other community venues. Also Onelife started outreach works which takes its projects into areas with postcode related problems .

The Academy ensures that young people will benefit from the chance to learn new skills though Music, Art, Drama and Dance for free, funded by Onelife friends.

With the help and support of ‘Playing for Success’, 153 football clubs and retail shopping environments around the UK, Onelife academies will be a positive influence on today’s youth.

We offer workshops where young people can learn new skills in creative arts, from DJ'n, MC'n, photography video editing to business start up help plus various sproting activitys. Onelife gives young people a chance to find a passion, and something they can develop in the future. It breeds ambition and success.


The courses have proven to enhance Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills as well as the children’s ability to communicate and work as team, and helped develop self regard and confidence in general. Early studies show that participants response to curriculum and the attitude shown towards staff and other students has increased by a minimum of 20%.

The New Horizon Centre :Mitcham

Local students :11 to16yrs School Hoilday course.

Silver Surfers 40-95 Every Weds



Cambridge  Special Needs School Hamersmith

Whole school movie making project.

Year 9 Outreach project Onelife UK Acton studios.


Oxford and Bermondsey Youth Club S E London .

Exclusion life skills classes.

Secondary school students from the local area.


Rutish High School:

Neets Program.  


Rotherhithe Community Center:

Local students:11yrs & under: every Wednesdays and

Thursdays 11yrs up to 16.    Sponsored by: One Life UK


Now 14 centre's and outreach programmes...


Chelsea FC:

Special needs classes for children under 12's. Sponsored by: Chelsea FC


Leyton Orient FC:

Neets program for the local schools. Sponsored by: Leyton Orient FC 


Crystal Palace FC:

Exclusion life skills classes.Secondary school students from the local area.


West Hem FC:

Study  centre and satellites centre under 11yrs up to 16. Sponsored by:

New Ham Council and Westham FC.


Millwall FC:

Secondary school students from the local area. Sponsored by:

Millwall FC &Lewisham Council


For more info on your local academy please click here