London Based Charity providing DJ & Music Academies across London for children...

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We believe...

Since 2009 Onelife UK have opened its own DJ/ Music, Film Production and Silver Surfers Academies and have set up various bespoke programs for under achieving and deprived kids.


Our academies are housed in sports venues across London such as Crystal Palace Millwall, Chelsea, West Ham and Leyton Orient and now our very own Onelife UK Centre in South East London.

We also provide outreach programmes that run at schools and local community halls across London within deprived areas.



That thousands of young people make a real contribution every day to our society and that this in no way relates to the negative portrayals of them in media and government as being anti-social, out of control and threatening.


We believe that we need more positive portrayals of what it means to be young today.


The most vulnerable young people in our society are marginalized and treated unequally. Policies and services should focus on their current needs and ability to fulfill their potential in the long term, as well as on addressing any harm or potential harm to society.


Young people at risk of failing in the education system should be offered meaningful alternatives that provide them with the skills and confidence to succeed in the workforce.


Young offenders must be given opportunities to turn their lives around, avoid re-offending, and develop the practical and emotional skills to make a positive contribution to their communities.



Onelife UK are a London based Charity who provide essential life skills to young people in your local area through DJ/Music and Film Production academies.



We work to help vulnerable young people realise their potential and make a successful transition to adulthood.



Some of the young people we support have mental health issues, disabilities or drug and alcohol problems. Others are teenage parents, who many fall behind at school or are excluded.